Carinity Brookfield Green resident David Jones, 91, shares his story about the importance of the aged care community's new flagpole.

When we first visited Brookfield Green, we were pleased to travel down the treed road which set the trend for the area before turning into the gardened entry into the grounds, then traveled to the round about which brought us to the resort like building which was the Residences.

We expected to come to a retirement building but had no idea that it would be as if we are coming into a resort. I looked around and felt there was something missing but could not put my finger to what I was thinking. This did not last long as when we entered the building the entry was again a delight and again resembled more for a resort than any retirement home that I had seen.

I had a treat looking into the building and was continued to be surprised with the standard.  When we were introduced to the staff and after time got to know them was delighted to find the understanding, care, and love that they gave especially to my wife.

I was surprised to find they came from every country and had every religion, but all had the same desire to help and make our stay as pleasant as they could make it.  The girls even continue to amaze me. The love that they give helps at this time of our life and I am just so grateful.

In April, Sharon our Chaplain arranged a very pleasant ANZAC service with a great speaker – he even included New Zealand in his address! It was then it hit me: we had no flagpole, so we could not lower a flag, which for me was an important part of any ANZAC service as it is symbolic for everything that we understand in the ANZACs.

I was very lucky to have Mark, our acting manager, introduce me to his boss as well as her boss in our very delightful sunroom. After a little while I was asked what changes, I thought should be made to improve Brookfield Green. I had an opportunity to have my say: “We need a flagpole!”

A month later Mark was made manager (I am sure this had nothing to do with me) then he told us Brookfield Green had ordered a flagpole. Now when people come around the corner, they find the complete picture of the building as well as the flagpole.

This is not the main story as we now have the flagpole, so we are able to fly the Australian flag.

The flag reminds us of all those that have gone before us to enable us to have the life we enjoy now.

The flag also gives those lovely staff members the chance to think about joining us in citizenship which we welcome them with open arms.

The flag is a great reminder that in our building we have many people that have stories to tell and only expect respect in return.


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