National Volunteer Week runs from May 20-26 – a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the generous and valued contributions of our dedicated volunteers.

Nomiki Glynatsis has volunteered at Carinity Brookfield Green for the past two years.

She had long wanted to give back to her community – and that chance came last year.

“I’d often thought about wanting to finally make time to help out in the community. It’s something I’ve always aspired to and wanted to do,” Nomiki says.

Nomiki helps the diversional therapists at Carinity Brookfield Green to run activities and outings for residents.

“I love working with the residents and seeing them come to life when discussing memories or experiences from the past as well as learning so much about a different generation,” Nomiki says.

“I truly believe the time spent and knowledge learnt from our elders is priceless and highly undervalued.”

Learn more about volunteering for Carinity at carinity.org.au/get-involved.

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