There are around 5,000 centenarians in Australia, with fewer than 1,000 people aged over 100 in Queensland.

Over the past decade no fewer than 14 residents of Carinity Brookfield Green have become a centenarian – and Edith Howard is the latest.

Staff of the aged care community in Brisbane today helped Edith celebrate reaching the 100-year milestone.

Edith was born in London on 9 July 1920 and spent most of her life in England before she migrated to Australia.

During her time in England, Edith lived through World War II and was involved with the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women’s branch of the British Army.

One of six siblings, Edith has a strong interest in nursing and in the welfare of others which isn’t surprising given she worked as a nurse.

With her interest in English and Australian culture, Edith enjoys reading historical books as well as romantic novels.

An accomplished knitter, Edith also likes listening to classical music and watching television, especially the cricket.

She also loves playing cards including canasta and 500, as a member of Carinity Brookfield Green’s own cards group.

Edith married twice and has one son and three grandchildren.

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