Marilyn Darrington is a bright and vibrant person – with a colourful room to match.

The creative Carinity Brookfield Green resident has decorated her room at the aged care community with her artwork and craft pieces.

So much so that her room – and its floral-themed bathroom – resembles a mini-art gallery. The walls are covered with vivid diamond art, paintings, jewellery and decorations, the room adorned with knitted and crocheted items.

Marilyn is particularly skilled at diamond art, a time-consuming and thorough craft involving sticking tiny shiny resin pieces on to a canvas, to create intricate mosaic artworks.

Initially quite reserved after moving to Carinity Brookfield Green, Marilyn found new friendship groups with residents who also enjoy hobbies such as art and craft, knitting and crocheting.

“At first I kept very much to myself because I’m shy, I’m a quite private person and I do like my own company, but it’s been good to meet people with similar passions,” she explains.

“There’s a couple of very gifted ladies here whose knitting and crochet is magic. It’s been good for me because I can go to them for advice. We swap stories and help each other out.”

Carinity Brookfield Green staff encourage Marilyn’s creative pursuits also love visiting and chatting with her in her room.

“There’s a couple of nurses who call it ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, because each time they come there’s something different and there’s so many little trinkets that they can find,” Marilyn explains.

Marilyn moved to Carinity Brookfield Green in late-2019 and loves her new home and her new Carinity “family”.

“I enjoy walking out in the beautiful gardens, and I couldn’t wish to be in a better place. It’s gorgeous.”

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