You can’t stop the music at Brookfield Chapel following an organ donation of a different kind.

Phemie and Newman Borg have gifted a new $19,000 electronic organ to the chapel at Carinity Brookfield Green.

The Allen organ was donated in memory of Phemie’s late Aunt Heather Davey and fellow chapel supporter, the late Reverend Harry West, in celebration of their deep Christian faith and love of music.

“Aunt Heather was a resident at Brookfield Green for 11 years. She always enjoyed coming to chapel and she loved music and played an old pump organ. The old organ was starting to fail… so there were a lot of conversations about what to do,” Phemie says.

“When Heather passed away at 97, she left all her nieces and nephews quite a generous inheritance, so Newman and I felt we would really like to put a new organ into the chapel as a memorial. It is something that I know Aunty Heather would have totally approved of.”

Carinity Brookfield Green chaplain Carol Lewins says the new organ “brings another dimension of warmth, depth and presence of the divine” to Sunday worship in the chapel, which was built in 1981.

“People who attend our chapel services… talk of their love for the hymns and the beautiful music the organ provides for them, as they are able to enjoy the hymns they have listened to from their early days,” Carol says.

“We thank God for both Heather and Harry for the difference they have made to our lives. We will remember them as we continue to worship in the Chapel each Sunday.”

Carinity Brookfield Green residents who cannot attend the chapel can watch and listen to services which are relayed live to their television.

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